Originally from South Africa,  Larry Wilson spent most of his youth adventuring in the great outdoors. The small remote settlement of Ubombo, nestled on top of the Ghost Mountains of Swaziland, was an ideal setting for countless hours of imaginative game play. But even with all those wonderful distractions, a lot of time was still spent drawing and painting the heroes of the day.

In college he studied fine art and graphic design and soon found work at a local screen print shop, whilst also painting signboards in his spare time. That was followed by a few personal business ventures and time spent at numerous advertising agencies. 
Fast forward a few years to when he packed up and relocated to the USA to help set up a new magazine franchise. At that point his interest in fine art and painting was renewed and he began to study and draw in earnest. 

Now having spent the past few years working on game and book illustrations, he is focused on developing his own worlds.
Divinity Forge was launched in 2015 and is an ongoing world building project.
2017 sees the launch of his next venture, SHADOWFALL: the Dark Embrace, a mysterious new fantasy world from which a number of IP's are being developed.   

Larry Wilson lives and works in the Greater Los Angeles area with his beautiful wife and two highly energetic babies. 

Email: LarryWilsonArt@Hotmail.com